Blue Zones Have Toro Drip Zone Valve Kits
Kits Consist of TPV Valves, Pressure Regulator and Y Filter
  White Zones have TPV valves; Some with and some without flow control

Weathermatic Smartline Controller

Details W1Toro Drip In PC
Details W2Hunter Pro Sprays MP Rotators
Details W3Netafim Drip
Details W4Netafim Drip
Details W5Toro DL 2000
Details W6Toro Drip In PC
Details W7Toro 570PRX - Com Sprayhead 12' TVAN nozzles
Details W8Toro Drip In PC
Details W9Toro Drip In PC


Details H1Toro Drip In PC
Details H10Toro 570PRX-COM Sprayheads
Details H2Toro 570PRX-COM Sprayheads
Details H3Irritrol 533 Bubbler
Details H4Irritrol 533 Bubbler
Details H5Toro Blue Stripe
Details H6Toro Drip In PC
Details H7Toro DL 2000
Details H8Toro Drip In PC
Details H9Toro Drip In PC

Toro Intelli-Sense ET controller Toro Wireless Rain and Freeze Sensor

Details T1Toro 570ZPR-Com
Details T2Toro Drip In PC
Details T3Toro 570PRX-COM
Details T4Hunter Pro Sprays
Details T5Toro Drip In PC
Details T6Toro Drip In PC
Details T7Toro T5 Rotor
Details T8Irritrol IPRO sprays